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Clean & Maintain Persian Rug

How to Clean & Maintain Persian Rug

You may put the rug on a wall to prevent dusting; However, carpets will be smooth and have more natural color, if they are stepped on.

On a carpet, you should vacuum off dust and animal hair over the entire surface from top to bottom. On the other hand, you should vacuum off toward the smooth surface. Do not go against the grain off the silk threads, the edge which has longer fringe is the upper end.

Silk Persian Rugs, roll it with the top surface inside and wrap it in mothballs. Non-silk carpets may be folded. Do not expose it to direct rays of the sun.

Gabbeh has long threads that will come off for about a month from the beginning of use. If only you vacuum it for a month, it will become smooth and increase in quality. Please air outdoors once a year, if it soil, we will clean it for you.